Interviewing Skills

Topic-Level Outline

             Days:           1

Prerequisites:           None

             Unit 1 :           Fundamentals of interviews

           Topic A: 0   Importance of interviewing skills

           A-1:           Identifying types of interviews

           A-2:           Understanding pre-employment testing

           Topic B: 0   Success factors

             B-1:             Identifying success factors

             B-2:             Defining a job

             B-3:             Analyzing and defining the culture

             B-4:             Writing success factors

             B-5:             Using the Success Factor Worksheet

             B-6:             Finalizing success factors

             Unit 2 :           Planning and preparing

           Topic A: 0   Planning for an interview

           A-1:           Analyzing a candidate’s resume

           A-2:           Identifying lead questions

           A-3:           Identifying sample lead questions

           A-4:           Planning an agenda

           A-5:           Customizing an interview

           Topic B:   Preparing for an interview

             B-6:             Preparing the office

             B-7:             Ensuring privacy

             B-8:             Identifying personality styles

             Unit 3 :           Handling and conducting

           Topic A: 0   Handling an interview

           A-1:           Identifying types of candidates

           A-2:           Understanding the importance of silence

           Topic B:   Conducting an interview

             B-3:             Opening the interview

             B-4:             Gathering information

             B-5:             Closing the interview

             B-6:             Taking notes

             B-7:             Identifying effective communication techniques

             Unit 4 :           Evaluating and deciding

           Topic A: 0   Evaluating a candidate

           A-1:           Identifying types of bias

           A-2:           Evaluating a candidate

           Topic B:   Making a decision

             B-3:             Ranking a candidate

             Unit 5 :           Following up

           Topic A: 0   Following up after an interview

             A-1:             Finding the appropriate candidate

             A-2:             Identifying steps to follow up

             A-3:             Understanding self-evaluation

             Unit 6 :           EEO guidelines

           Topic A: 0   EEO guidelines

           A-1:           Understanding EEO laws

           A-2:           Conducting pre-employment inquiries

           A-3:           Identifying general principles

           A-4:           Identifying key EEO terms

           Topic B: 0   Non-discriminatory interview questions

             B-1:             Identifying appropriate questions

             B-2:             Disqualifying candidates

             Unit 7 :           Federal laws

           Topic A: 0   Americans with Disabilities Act

           A-1:           Understanding Americans with Disabilities Act

           A-2:           Understanding reasonable accommodation

           A-3:           Identifying key points

           A-4:           Identifying permitted and prohibited questions

           A-5:           Answering questions

           Topic B: 0   Immigration Reform and Control Act

                        B-1:                        Hiring employees

                        B-2:                        Understanding the Form I-9