Topic-Level Outline

             Days:           1

Prerequisites:           None

             Unit 1 :           Budgeting fundamentals

           Topic A: 0   Overview

           A-1:           Discussing the purpose of budgeting

           A-2:           Relating a budget to a strategic plan

           A-3:           Following the budgeting process

           A-4:           Identifying the elements of a budget

           A-5:           Classifying business expenses

           Topic B: 0   Cash and master budgets

             B-1:             Identifying the types of budgets

             B-2:             Discussing cash budgets

             B-3:             Discussing master budgets

             B-4:             Putting together budgets

             Unit 2 :           Reviewing budgets

           Topic A: 0   Analyzing budgets

           A-1:           Analyzing variances

           A-2:           Analyzing past performance

           Topic B: 0   Justification and approval

             B-1:             Discussing the budget approval process

             B-2:             Identifying budgeting process guidelines

             B-3:             Identifying budgeting pitfalls

             Unit 3 :           Operating budgets

           Topic A: 0   Operating budget basics

           A-1:           Identifying categories in an operating budget

           Topic B: 0   Operating budget terminology

           B-1:           Classifying costs and revenue

           B-2:           Setting the bottom line

           Topic C: 0   Operating budget methods

             C-1:             Identifying methods of creating an operating budget

             C-2:             Discussing zero-based budgeting

             C-3:             Discussing activity-based costing

             Unit 4 :           Manufacturing budgets

           Topic A: 0   Manufacturing budget basics

           A-1:           Identifying the components of a manufacturing budget

           A-2:           Discussing flexible budgets

           Topic B: 0   Interpretation

             B-1:             Interpreting key measurements

             B-2:             Interpreting variance

             Unit 5 :           Variance, forecasts, and action plans

           Topic A: 0   Variance and forecasts

           A-1:           Classifying variance

           A-2:           Using variance and forecasts to understand performance issues

           Topic B: 0   Action plans

             B-1:             Implementing action plans

             Unit 6 :           Capital budgets

           Topic A: 0   Capital budget basics

           A-1:           Discussing the basics of capital budgets

           A-2:           Defining capital budget terminology

           A-3:           Calculating depreciation

           Topic B: 0   Discounted cash flow method

             B-1:             Discounting cash flows for investment decisions

             B-2:             Identifying discount rates

             Unit 7 :           Capital budget analysis

           Topic A: 0   The capital budgeting process

           A-1:           Assembling a capital budget

           A-2:           Justifying a capital budget

           Topic B: 0   Capital budget evaluation

  B-1:  Approving capital budget requests

  B-2:  Evaluating capital investment decisions