Career Development

Topic-Level Outline

             Days:           1

Prerequisites:           None

             Unit 1 :           Career aspirations

           Topic A: 0   Career preferences

           A-1:           Identifying and relating preferences

           Topic B: 0   Career-related skills

           B-1:           Identifying skills

           B-2:           Acquiring skills to help your career

           Topic C: 0   Career exploration

             C-1:             Exploring career options

             Unit 2 :           Career strategies

           Topic A: 0   Developing career goals

           A-1:           Understanding career goals

           A-2:           Setting career goals

           A-3:           Identifying and avoiding goal-setting pitfalls

           Topic B: 0   Creating career strategies

             B-1:             Evaluating careers

             B-2:             Planning career strategies

             B-3:             Implementing career strategies

             Unit 3 :           Career excellence

           Topic A: 0   Working to excel

           A-1:           Facilitating productivity

           A-2:           Developing self-discipline

           A-3:           Keeping professionalism high

           Topic B: 0   Marketing yourself

           B-1:           Establishing a professional image

           B-2:           Promoting yourself

           Topic C: 0   Staying competitive

             C-1:             Taking advantage of skills and talents

             C-2:             Learning new skills

             C-3:             Competing with yourself

             Unit 4 :           Professional networking

           Topic A: 0   Networking to advance your career

           A-1:           Understanding career networking

           A-2:           Networking effectively

           A-3:           Networking for career opportunities

           Topic B: 0   Seeking career guidance

           B-1:           Defining needs

           B-2:           Choosing a mentor or coach and building rapport

           B-3:           Finding a sponsor

           Topic C: 0   Developing a career network

                        C-1:                        Communicating effectively

                        C-2:                        Building strong relationships