Project Management:
Basic, Second Edition

Topic-Level Outline

             Days:           1

Prerequisites:           None

             Unit 1 :           Fundamentals of project management

           Topic A: 0   Projects

           A-1:           Identifying the characteristics of a project

           A-2:           Understanding product and project management

           Topic B: 0   The project management process

             B-1:             Identifying process groups

             B-2:             Avoiding pitfalls

             Unit 2 :           Characteristics of a project

           Topic A: 0   The project environment

           A-1:           Understanding internal and external environments

           A-2:           Identifying stakeholders’ influence on a project

           A-3:           Identifying socioeconomic and organizational issues

           A-4:           Discussing the functional organizational structure

           A-5:           Discussing the project organizational structure

           A-6:           Identifying types of organizational structure

           Topic B: 0   The project manager

           B-1:           Identifying relationships between managers

           B-2:           Identifying the skills of a project manager

           B-3:           Identifying the responsibilities of a project manager

           B-4:           Identifying a project manager’s challenges

           Topic C: 0   The project team

             C-1:             Identifying project staffing issues

             C-2:             Staffing a project team

             C-3:             Hiring staff from outside the organization

             C-4:             Managing difficulties and logistics

             C-5:             Identifying the need for team building

             C-6:             Identifying core team members

             C-7:             Developing and staffing a project office

             Unit 3 :           Project initiation and scope planning

           Topic A: 0   Project initiation

           A-1:           Identifying the impact of historical information

           A-2:           Identifying project selection methods

           A-3:           Discussing project deliverables

           A-4:           Exploring project charters

           A-5:           Identifying project constraints

           Topic B: 0   Scope planning

             B-1:             Identifying parts of the scope planning process

             B-2:             Creating a scope statement

             B-3:             Managing scope creep

             Unit 4 :           Scope definition, verification, and change control

           Topic A: 0   Scope definition

           A-1:           Decomposing a project

           A-2:           Identifying breakdown structures

           A-3:           Identifying the deliverables of a WBS

           A-4:           Sizing work packages

           A-5:           Creating a WBS

           Topic B: 0   Scope verification

           B-1:           Discussing scope verification

           B-2:           Determining the timing of scope verification

           Topic C: 0   Scope change control

             C-1:             Understanding scope change control

             C-2:             Developing a scope change control system

             C-3:             Maintaining a database of lessons learned

             Unit 5 :           Time management

           Topic A: 0   Activity definition and sequencing

           A-1:           Discussing time management components

           A-2:           Distinguishing between tasks, activities, and events

           A-3:           Identifying types of activities

           A-4:           Identifying dependencies

           A-5:           Using network diagrams

           A-6:           Discussing precedence

           A-7:           Using the arrow diagramming method

           A-8:           Discussing the Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique

           Topic B: 0   Activity duration

             B-1:             Assessing activity duration

             B-2:             Differentiating activity duration from work effort

             B-3:             Identifying estimation techniques

             Unit 6 :           Schedule development and control

           Topic A: 0   Schedule development

           A-1:           Discussing schedule development

           A-2:           Identifying free float and total float

           A-3:           Discussing mathematical analysis techniques

           A-4:           Using CPM

           A-5:           Evaluating CPM, PERT, and GERT

           A-6:           Exploring duration compression methods

           A-7:           Presenting a project schedule

           Topic B: 0   Schedule control

             B-1:             Discussing resource allocation

             B-2:             Controlling a schedule

             B-3:             Calculating schedule variance

             Unit 7 :           Resource identification and cost approximating

           Topic A: 0   Resource identification

           A-1:           Identifying cost estimating components

           A-2:           Discussing resource identification tools

           A-3:           Identifying resources

           A-4:           Assigning resources

           Topic B: 0   Cost approximating

             B-1:             Making cost approximations

             B-2:             Assessing factors affecting cost estimates

             B-3:             Identifying cost budgeting techniques

             B-4:             Discussing cost estimation and pitfalls

             B-5:             Identifying cost estimating problems

             Unit 8 :           Budgeting and cost control

           Topic A: 0   Cost budgeting

           A-1:           Discussing value engineering and S-curves

           A-2:           Using budget standards and a cost management plan

           A-3:           Discussing capital budgeting

           A-4:           Using depreciation methods

           Topic B: 0   Cost control

  B-1:  Discussing cost control guidelines

  B-2:  Calculating variance

  B-3:  Calculating the performance index

  B-4:  Calculating BAC, EAC, and VAC