SharePoint Designer 2007:

Topic-Level Outline

             Days:           1

Prerequisites:           Windows XP: Basic and SharePoint Designer 2007: Basic or equivalent experience

             Unit 1 :           Web components and multimedia

           Topic A: 0   Web components

           A-1:           Inserting a date and time stamp

           A-2:           Creating a site map

           Topic B: 0   Multimedia

             B-1:             Inserting a Flash animation

             B-2:             Inserting a Windows Media file

             Unit 2 :           Interactive content

           Topic A: 0   Interactive buttons

           A-1:           Creating interactive buttons

           Topic B: 0   Behaviors

           B-1:           Applying a behavior

           Topic C: 0   Rollovers

             C-1:             Creating a basic rollover

             C-2:             Adding another state to a rollover

             C-3:             Creating a disjoint rollover

             Unit 3 :           Layers

           Topic A: 0   Creating layers

           A-1:           Creating a layer

           A-2:           Positioning a layer precisely

           Topic B: 0   Layer visibility

             B-1:             Setting layer visibility

             B-2:             Creating dynamic layers

             Unit 4 :           Layout tables

           Topic A: 0   Creating layout tables

           A-1:           Creating a layout table

           A-2:           Drawing layout cells

           Topic B: 0   Working with layout tables

             B-1:             Adjusting columns

             B-2:             Formatting layout tables and cells

             Unit 5 :           Web Forms

           Topic A: 0   Creating forms

           A-1:           Creating a form and inserting text input fields

           A-2:           Modifying Text Box properties

           A-3:           Inserting check boxes

           A-4:           Creating a drop-down box

           A-5:           Inserting option buttons

           A-6:           Creating a text area

           A-7:           Adding a submit button and previewing a form

           Topic B: 0   Input validation

             B-1:             Applying input validations

             Unit 6 :           Data-driven pages

           Topic A: 0   Introduction to dynamic pages

           A-1:           Discussing the basics of dynamic sites

           Topic B: 0   Web Parts

           B-1:           Discussing Web Parts

           Topic C: 0   Data Views

             C-1:             Discussing Data Views

             C-2:             Applying XML data

             Unit 7 :           Site management

           Topic A: 0   Basic search engine optimization

           A-1:           Discussing search engine optimization

           A-2:           Defining a description and keywords for your site

           Topic B: 0   Compatibility testing

           B-1:           Checking a page for errors

           B-2:           Applying the Check Browser behavior

           Topic C: 0   Reports

           C-1:           Viewing reports

           Topic D: 0   Accessibility

  D-1:  Checking accessibility