Microsoft Project 2000: Level 2

Course specifications

Course number: 076 723

Software version number: 9.0

Course length: 1 day(s)

Hardware/software required to run this course

In order to run this course, you will need:

See your reference manual for hardware considerations that apply to your specific hardware setup.

Course description

Overview: Students will learn how to use Microsoft Project 2000 to manage a project. This course meets the Microsoft Proficiency Guidelines for Microsoft Project 2000 at the Expert level.

Prerequisites: Microsoft Project 2000: Level 1, or equivalent knowledge.

Delivery method: Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Benefits: Students will learn how to track and modify a project that is in progress.

Target student: Students enrolling in this course should have completed the Microsoft Project 2000: Level 1 course and be familiar with project management terminology such as Gantt Chart, task, critical path, and resource.

What's next: Microsoft Project 2000: Level 2 is the second course in this series. Microsoft Project 2000: Advanced, the last course in this series, teaches students advanced features of Microsoft Project 2000, including working with Project Central. Students who want to learn advanced features can take Microsoft Project 2000: Advanced.


Microsoft Project 2000: Level 2

Performance-based objectives

Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

New features covered in this series

Below is a table listing the new software features that are covered in ZD Education courseware:

New Feature


(076 722)


(076 723)


(0## ###)

Adaptive menus




Add material resources


Use month as a duration unit


Use variable row height


Use Fill Handle feature


Enter an estimated duration for a task


Use Network Diagram view



Clear a baseline plan  


Set AutoSave feature  


Specify the default directory for project files  


Set priorities for tasks  


Contour the availability of resources  





Microsoft Project 2000: Level 2

Course content

Lesson 1: Setting the Plan

Creating a Baseline Plan

Previewing a Baseline Report

Clearing a Baseline

Lesson 2: Tracking Project Progress

Modifying the Environment for Tracking

Entering Data for Completed Tasks

Entering Actual Data for Tasks in Progress

Lesson 3: Adjusting the Schedule

Adjusting the Schedule of Future Tasks

Setting and Displaying an Interim Plan

Lesson 4: Adjusting Resource Schedules

Work-Hour Considerations

Customizing Resource Reports

Lesson 5: Customizing the Microsoft Project Environment

Working with Views

Working with Toolbars and Macros

Working with Global Settings

Using the Options Dialog Box

Lesson 6: Working with Data in Other Applications

Importing Data

Exporting Data

Copying Data Into Other Office Applications

Lesson 7: Working with Resource Pools and Consolidated Projects

Working with a Resource Pool

Working with Subprojects and Master Projects