Consulting Skills

Course Specifications

Course number: 088996
Course length: 0.5 day(s)

Course Description

Course Objective: You will develop the necessary skills to be a successful consultant, by learning from the best: industry expert Elaine Beich. You will explore the basics of consulting and how it may affect your work and your organization. In addition, you will examine the ethics of consulting, marketing your consulting business, and how to interact with clients and other consultants.

Target Student: This course is intended for business professionals starting out in any branch of the consulting field.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Each computer requires the following software:

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Course Content

Lesson 1: The Basics

Topic 1A: Consulting Basics
Topic 1B: Develop Skills for Success
Topic 1C: Be Aware of Business Trends
Lesson 2: Marketing, Building, and Expanding

Topic 2A: Market Yourself
Topic 2B: Foster Healthy Client Relationships
Topic 2C: Expand Your Market
Topic 2D: The Ethics of Consulting
Topic 2E: Exude Professionalism