Microsoft® InfoPath® 2010

Course Specifications

Course number: 084569
Course length: 1.0 day(s)

Course Description

Course Objective: You will learn how to use InfoPath to gather and share information by creating and implementing XML-based forms.

Target Student: This course is targeted for persons with Web design experience, form administrators, information coordinators, and Microsoft Office system power users who need to gather, reuse, distribute, and collaborate using XML-based forms.

Prerequisites: Students taking this class should have proficiency in Microsoft Office products, concentrating in forms development and experience working in a tagged environment (such as HTML or Frame maker with SGML).

Hardware Requirements

For this course, you will need one computer to run Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory Services. This system should have the following configuration: You will need one computer to run Windows Server 2008 and SharePoint 2010 Server. This system should have the following configuration: You will need one client computer for each student and one for the instructor. These computers should have the following configuration:

Software Requirements

The Windows 2003 Server and Active Directory Domain Controller requires the following software:

The Windows 2008 Server and SharePoint 2010 Server requires the following software:

Each student computer requires the following software:

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating InfoPath Forms

Topic 1A: Explore the InfoPath 2010 Interface
Topic 1B: Draft a Form
Topic 1C: Add Data Validation Rules
Topic 1D: Test a Form
Lesson 2: Importing and Exporting Forms

Topic 2A: Import Form Data Using InfoPath Designer
Topic 2B: Export Form Data to Excel Using InfoPath Filler
Topic 2C: Export Form Data to the Web Using InfoPath Filler
Lesson 3: Customizing Form Layouts

Topic 3A: Customize Tables
Topic 3B: Format a Form
Topic 3C: Insert Graphical Objects
Topic 3D: Create Sections
Topic 3E: Merge Forms
Lesson 4: Managing Views

Topic 4A: Create Custom Views
Topic 4B: Assign User Roles to a View
Lesson 5: Applying Security to Forms

Topic 5A: Protect InfoPath Forms
Topic 5B: Restrict Access to a Form
Topic 5C: Set Security Zones
Lesson 6: Distributing Forms

Topic 6A: Publish a Form
Topic 6B: Publish a Form to Email Recipients
Topic 6C: Troubleshoot Publishing Problems
Lesson 7: Managing Controls

Topic 7A: Describe Data Source Concepts
Topic 7B: Customize Controls
Topic 7C: Bind Controls
Lesson 8: Working with a Database

Topic 8A: Develop a Form from a Database
Topic 8B: Use InfoPath Forms to Add Records to a Database
Topic 8C: Use InfoPath Forms to Query a Database
Topic 8D: Populate Form Controls from a Database