Green IT Foundations

Course Specifications

Course number: 085658
Course length: 3.0 day(s)

Course Description

Course Objective: You will establish a framework from which an effective green IT strategy can be built.

Target Student: An IT administrative manager, finance manager, or a senior manager of an organization who needs to become more aware of “Green IT”, its related terminology, and an understanding of best practices to facilitate the establishment and implementation of green IT in an organization.

Prerequisites: This course does not require any prerequisite knowledge of Green IT. However, students should be familiar with fundamental management practices such as planning, creating, and implementing organizational strategies. A base knowledge of management of people and finance and specific knowledge of challenges involved in reducing equipment and operational costs of the IT department in an organization may be helpful.

Hardware Requirements

If you wish to use the overheads provided on the CD-ROM, you will need to set up a computer for the instructor.

Software Requirements

Each computer requires the following software:

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Course Content

Lesson 1: Identifying Global Climatic Changes and Its Countermeasures

Topic 1A: Identify Changes to the Global Climate
Topic 1B: Examine Carbon Emissions and Carbon Footprints
Topic 1C: Examine the Initiatives to Address Climate Change
Lesson 2: Examining the Basics of Green IT and Green Alternatives

Topic 2A: Overview of IT
Topic 2B: Describe the Basics of Green IT
Topic 2C: Identify the Challenges and Benefits of Green IT
Topic 2D: Identify Greenwash
Topic 2E: Examine IT Waste
Topic 2F: Examine Green Alternatives
Lesson 3: Examining the Drivers of Green IT Initiatives

Topic 3A: Identify External Drivers for the Adoption of Green IT Initiatives
Topic 3B: Reduce Overhead and Energy Consumption
Topic 3C: Enhance the Organization's Reputation
Topic 3D: Implement a Sustainable Business Strategy
Lesson 4: Managing Green Procurement

Topic 4A: Describe Green Procurement
Topic 4B: Incorporate a Green IT Procurement Framework
Topic 4C: Identify the Significance of a Green Supply Chain
Lesson 5: Managing IT Consumables

Topic 5A: Describe Energy Management
Topic 5B: Describe Temperature Management
Topic 5C: Examine Document Management
Topic 5D: Identify Hardware Management
Lesson 6: Managing IT Asset Disposal

Topic 6A: Describe IT Asset Disposal
Topic 6B: Identify Recycling Compliance Organizations
Lesson 7: Executing a Green IT Strategy

Topic 7A: Choose a Green IT Strategy
Topic 7B: Plan for a Green IT Strategy
Topic 7C: Implement a Green IT Strategy
Lesson 8: Examining a Green IT Action Plan

Topic 8A: Identify a Green IT Action Plan
Topic 8B: Engage and Manage Employees and Stakeholders
Topic 8C: Manage Risks and Changes in a Green IT Action Plan
Lesson 9: Examining Green Auditing and Finance

Topic 9A: Examine Green Auditing
Topic 9B: Examine Green Finance and Accounting
Lesson 10: Analyzing Green Accounting Methods

Topic 10A: Identify Techniques for Calculating Carbon Footprints
Topic 10B: Calculate Life Cycle Cost
Topic 10C: Calculate Total Cost of Ownership
Topic 10D: Calculate Payback Period
Lesson 11: Introducing Green Data Centers

Topic 11A: Examine Conventional Data Centers
Topic 11B: Describe Green Data Centers
Topic 11C: Assessment of Data Centers
Lesson 12: Determining the Design of Green Data Centers

Topic 12A: Examine the Design of Green Data Center Buildings
Topic 12B: Describe Green Data Center Power and Cabling
Topic 12C: Implement Temperature Control in Green Data Centers
Topic 12D: Describe Refrigerants and Fire Suppressants
Topic 12E: Introduce Green Hardware in Data Centers
Lesson 13: Consolidating and Virtualizing the Resources

Topic 13A: Introduce Resource Consolidation and Virtualization
Topic 13B: Apply Virtualization of Servers and Desktops
Topic 13C: Describe Consolidation and Virtualization of Storage and Networks
Lesson 14: Greening the Data Backup Infrastructure

Topic 14A: Describe Conventional Backup and Recovery Methods
Topic 14B: Identify Green Methods for Data Backup and Recovery
Lesson 15: Greening the Office Premises

Topic 15A: Green the Office Equipment
Topic 15B: Minimize E-Waste in the Office
Topic 15C: Introduce Paperless Offices
Lesson 16: Examining the International Initiatives, Standards, and Laws

Topic 16A: Describe the International Initiatives for Climate Change Mitigation
Topic 16B: Describe International Standards and Certifications for Greening Businesses
Topic 16C: Describe the Voluntary Green IT Initiatives
Topic 16D: Describe the Existing North American Laws
Topic 16E: Describe the Existing Laws in Other Regions