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This ILT Series course teaches more advanced functions of Windows 8. Students will learn how to use the Control Panel, to manage folder and file settings, monitor apps and system performance with Task Manager, and update Windows. Next they will learn to manage devices, printers, and disks. Then they will learn to connect to networks, share resources, and connect to remote systems. Finally, students will learn to recognize common security threats, secure their systems and browser, and to use troubleshooting and restore tools.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Advanced system settings
Topic A: Control Panel
Topic B: File and folder management
Topic C: Task Manager
Topic D: Windows updates

Unit 2: Devices
Topic A: Devices
Topic B: Printers
Topic C: Disk maintenance

Unit 3: Networking
Topic A: Networking basics
Topic B: Resource sharing
Topic C: Remote Desktop

Unit 4: Security
Topic A: Security threats
Topic B: Windows Defender
Topic C: Windows Firewall
Topic D: Internet Explorer security and privacy

Unit 5: Troubleshooting
Topic A: Troubleshooting basics
Topic B: Remote Assistance
Topic C: System Restore