Today’s developers are no longer duly equipped when they simply know development
languages. They also must focus on the related methods, frameworks, and data. In
addition, developers are no longer asked to just store data. They must effectively
capture, process, and analyze data—ultimately using this data to predict business

Modern business demands agile development to build solutions that bring developers
closer to clients, and ever-changing requirements are driving significant training and
re-training within the development community. All of these contribute to a quickly
evolving emerging technology landscape.

Logical Operations, along with partners like Packt Publishing and others, is pleased to
bring you the largest portfolio of emerging tech training products. The following items
are the most popular titles available along with those that are coming soon. Please click
on a link to learn more about a specific course.

We are rapidly expanding this portfolio, so contact your Logical Operations sales
representative or email to inquire about any subject you
may not see listed.
Web and Mobile Development     Business Intelligence  
Beginning Modern C# and .NET Development   Basic SharePoint Server 2013 Branding  (55081)
Beginning API Development with Node.js   Data Mining, Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Analysis Services and Excel PowerPivot (55040)
Beginning Application Development with TensorFlow and Keras   Discovering the Power of Excel 2010-2013 PowerPivot Data Analytic Expressions (DAX) (55108)
Beginning ASP.NET   End to End Business Intelligence Boot Camp (55045)
Beginning DevOps with Docker   Excel 2013 Self-Service Analytics with No Code for End Users (55084)
Beginning jQuery   Exploring Tableau Desktop Level 1
Beginning Modern JavaScript Development with Microservices, WebRTC, and React   Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Microsoft Power Query (752548)
Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with JavaScript   Microsoft Power BI Interactive Data Visualizations (752550)
Beginning Responsive Web Development with HTML and CSS   Microsoft Power BI Online (752549)
Beginning Server-Side Application Development with Angular   No-Code SharePoint 2013-2016 Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013 (55048)
Building Web Applications With TypeScript, Angular, and React   PowerPivot, Power View and SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center for Analysts (55049)
Cyber Secure Coder (Exam CSC-110)   Quick Powerful Graphics with Power View, PowerPivot, Power Query, Power Map, and Power BI (55164)
Database Design: A Modern Approach   SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence (55042)
Developing Secure Android™ Apps for Business   Visualizing Data with SharePoint 2013, Report Builder, PowerPivot, and PowerView with No Code (55072)
Developing Secure iOS® Apps for Business   Beginning Statistics with Excel Coming Soon
Developing Secure Universal Windows® Platform Apps in C# and XAML      
Google Cloud Fundamentals   Data Science  
HTML5: Content Authoring Fundamentals      
HTML5: Content Authoring with New and Advanced Features   Beginning Big Data Storage and Analysis with Hadoop Coming Soon
Programming Google App Engine™ Applications in Python®   Beginning Computer Vision with Python and OpenCV Coming Soon
Python® Programming: Advanced   Beginning Data Analysis and Visualisation with Matplotlib, Seaborn and Python Coming Soon
Python® Programming: Introduction   Beginning Data Analysis with SQL  Coming Soon
SQL Querying: Advanced (Second Edition)   Beginning Data Science with Python  Coming Soon
SQL Querying: Fundamentals (Second Edition)   Beginning Data Visualisation with ggplot and R Coming Soon
 Beginning Blockchain Development with Ethereum Coming Soon   Beginning Data Wrangling with Python Coming Soon
 Beginning C++ Coming Soon   Beginning Natural Language Processing with Python and NLTK Coming Soon
 Beginning Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Coming Soon   Beginning Natural Language Processing with R and OpenNLP Coming Soon
 Beginning Data Science with R Coming Soon   Beginning Realtime Data Streaming with Spark Coming Soon
 Beginning Event-Based Architectures with AWS Coming Soon      
 Beginning Full Stack Web Applications with MEAN: MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js Coming Soon   IoT, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence   
 Beginning GraphQL Coming Soon      
 Beginning Java Coming Soon   Beginning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with AWS  Coming Soon
 Beginning Java Data Structures and Algorithms Coming Soon   Beginning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Azure Coming Soon
 Beginning Microservices with Spring Boot 2 Coming Soon   Beginning Artificial Intelligence with Python Coming Soon
 Beginning MySQL Coming Soon   Beginning Deep Learning with Keras Coming Soon
 Beginning PHP Coming Soon   Beginning Deep Learning with Python and Caffe Coming Soon
 Beginning Python Coming Soon   Beginning Machine Learning with Python and Tensorflow Coming Soon
 Beginning Redis Coming Soon   Certified Internet of Things (IoT) Practitioner (Exam ITP-110) Coming Soon
 Beginning REST API Development in Python Coming Soon      
 Beginning REST API Testing in Python Coming Soon      
 Beginning Selenium Coming Soon      
 Beginning Serverless Application Development with AWS Coming Soon      
 Beginning Serverless Architectures on Azure Coming Soon      
 Beginning Spring Boot 2 Coming Soon      
 Beginning Swift Coming Soon      
 Beginning Vue.js Coming Soon      
 Beginning Web Scraping with Python and BeautifulSoup Coming Soon      
 Building Development Environments with Cloud9 and AWS Coming Soon      
 Building Web Applications with Angular Coming Soon      
 Professional Azure SQL Database Coming Soon      
Professional Blockchain Coming Soon      
Professional DevOps Engineering with Microsoft Azure Coming Soon      
Professional Java Coming Soon      
Professional JavaScript Coming Soon      
Professional Kubernetes Coming Soon      
Professional MongoDB Coming Soon      
Professional Node.js Coming Soon      
Professional Scala Coming Soon      
Professional Swift Coming Soon      






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