Logical Operations Store Frequently Ask Questions


Here you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to purchases, returns, shipping and customization.

If you require additional assistance, please contact Logical Operations Client Services at 1-800-456-4677 option 2.


How does Auto Login work?

When you log into the site, you may choose to have the site remember your username and password by checking the "Remember Me" checkbox. Subsequent visits to the site will not require you to enter your username and password. To disable this feature, click the "Log Out" link in the upper right-hand corner of the banner.


How do I place an order?

Our Logical Operations store has thousands of products in both print and digital formats that can be ordered through a variety of methods. If you have ordered from us in the past, we encourage you to log in into your account so that you receive appropriate pricing associated with your account upon checkout.

If you are ordering for the first time, you can register as a new user by clicking “create an account” on the login page.  Your payment method will be set to credit card upon checkout.


Store demos are available at any time through our Client Services department. We’d be happy to set up an appointment at your convenience at assist@logicaloperations.com.


Need to listen to a Store demo?

View the Demo Here


What if I want to order over the phone or through email?

Any order called or emailed into Client Services may be assessed a $14 service fee regardless of financial or discount status. Exceptions to this service fee include customers who require a product or version that is not publicly listed on the store, customers who require Duties and Taxes added to their order, replacement orders due to quality issues, Instructor Assist orders, and APO addresses.


Can I ship using my own carrier account?

Yes. You can use your own carrier account for shipping charges, provided your account is with one of the following carriers:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL (International Shipments only)


Note: A "handling fee" will still be applied to your shipping order.

Please contact Client Services to have your account set up to use this feature.


How do I check my order status?

You can view the status of the order by selecting "My Orders" under the My Account link. A tracking number will display for shipped orders. Click the "tracking number" to track the order's shipping status. 


Can I track my order online?

Yes. Once an order has shipped, a tracking number displays. Click the "tracking number" to track the order's shipping status.


Is it possible to see my order history?

Yes. Orders placed via the web store are available for viewing. Choose "My Orders" from the left-hand links to display options for viewing order history information for your account.  Please note each ordering contact on your account has their own order history.  Customers can now view the Order History for the account by clicking on the “Corporate Order History” link.


How do I know this site is secure?

We protect the payment and personal (username and password) information you send to us with the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. You'll notice that a lock is displayed on the browser when viewing this page. This indicates that only Logical Operations can access the information you submit. You can also tell our site is secure by looking at the text before the website name at the top of your browser in the address bar. If you see "https," the page is secure, and you know that data you enter onto the page will be sent across the Internet securely.


Can I customize my print courseware?

After a thorough review, Logical Operations has decided to shut down the Custom Program.


Safe Shopping

The Logical Operations Safe Shopping Guarantee aims to protect you and to alleviate any worries of using your credit card to make purchases of products and services online.


Our goal is to make every online purchase on store.logicaloperations.com both secure and convenient. Our ordering process is protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts your information and confirms the identity of the Logical Operations server before allowing your shopping cart to be checked out. See our Privacy Policy for more information about maintaining your privacy. Use of our website is governed by Terms and Conditions.

Please contact us at 1-800-456-4677 option 2 or email assist@logicaloperations.com with any questions or comments about Logical Operations.


Logical Operations product offerings


CHOICE: This is our premier material which comes in print & digital and digital only. The digital PDF eBook can be viewed and printed. Many products also include an ePub version for use in e-readers.  The material is revised when needed. The Choice platform contains the data files and eBook.  Please note the data files are only available via the provided access key.


SELECT: This is legacy material that comes in print & digital and digital only (not all titles were converted to digital, so some are print only). It uses a flip viewer technology, so the eBook is meant to be viewed online, not printed. Legacy SELECT products will not be revised. The Select Platform contains the data files and eBook. The data files can also be found by clicking on the course title and clicking on the Product Datafiles tab.


AXZO: This is material we acquired during our purchase of the assets of Axzo Press. It’s print material only. Legacy AXZO products will not be revised. All the data files are found under the Instructor version by clicking on the course title and clicking on the Product Datafiles tab.


MARKETPLACE: These are high-quality materials from selected third-party publishers. The publisher determines if they are available digitally, in print, or both.  The publisher is responsible for product quality and maintenance.


When can I expect to receive my order?


Electronic Fulfillment


Electronic orders are fulfilled within 24 business hours of order confirmation.


Physical Product

Customers can calculate their anticipated delivery date prior to finalizing their order. The date is calculated based upon the availability of the product for shipment and the time required for the order to reach its destination using the selected delivery method. (Note: Saturday delivery is available in limited areas and must be specifically requested.)


Note: The store provides messaging on when your product will be available to ship.  All physical products are print on demand, so the message will say “Ships in 3 days.”   


Note: The standard production lead time is 3 business days.   Production lead time begins the next business day following the day you have placed your order.


Need to have your products arrive sooner?  Contact the Client Services Department to request a Product Expedite.  If we can fit your order request into the daily schedule, a $125 fee will be added to the invoice.  This fee is $125 per order request.


Note: FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes. 

Note: The FedEx shipping guarantee does not include weather delays, incorrect addresses or zip codes and/or refused shipments. 


Note: FedEx charges $21.50 for incorrect ship-to addresses.  That fee will be added to the original order.


Note:  For APO/FPO shipments, please contact assist@logicaloperations.com to arrange a pickup with the US Post Office.



End of 1 to 5 business days, depending on location

Express Saver

End of 3rd business day

2 Day 

End of 2nd business day

Priority Overnight 

By 10:30 AM next business day, depending on the city

First Overnight 

By 8:00 AM next business day, depending on the city

International Priority

International 1 - 3 business days

International Economy

International 4 - 6 business days


Logical Operations Courseware orders are shipped Monday – Friday at multiple times throughout the day. The printer processes orders received after 5:00 PM EST the following business day.


Note:  Any issues with a shipment must be reported within 5 business days of receiving the package.


 What carriers are used?

FedEx is Logical Operations' preferred carrier; however, deliveries may also be shipped via UPS & DHL (International Shipments only) when you use your own carrier account.  Please contact assist@logicaloperations.com if you want to use your own carrier account.


Note: Logical Operations waives its delivery responsibility when a customer’s carrier account is utilized.


Where does Logical Operations ship?

Logical Operations ships to all U.S. locations, using a local printer, and worldwide locations which are in accordance with the US Export Compliance Regulations. For any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-800-456-4677.


FedEx Ground delivers packages to 100% of business addresses in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. FedEx Air deliveries are available to all U.S business addresses, Puerto Rico and most worldwide locations.


Note: Logical Operations waives its "delivery responsibility" when shipping to a residential address. To ensure the safe arrival of your package, please include "signature required" in the shipping instructions box upon Checkout.


How are shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges are calculated using the FedEx API.  The shipping is pulled real-time, from FedEx, based on weight and ship to address.   You can change the ship-to address to view additional shipping costs.


U.S. sales tax charges are estimated based on the shipping address for each order. Logical Operations currently charges sales tax for any shipment within NY and VA.  Tax charges vary by product depending on the state rates or rules for those products.
For international orders, the recipient of the order is responsible for paying duties and taxes into their country for any order shipped outside of the United States.


Shipping rates are determined by the carrier and passed onto the customer. It should be noted that the rates do increase yearly.  


If I ordered a digital product, when will I receive my Access Key?

After your order is completed, the Ordering Contact will receive an email within 24 business hours with Access Key and redemption instructions. The Access Key will also be posted on the “Order History” page of your Account when you login, if for any reason you have misplaced your email.


What if I forgot my Username and Password on the Choice Platform?

There is a “Forgot Password” and “Forgot Username” link on the Homepage of the platform to reset your information live on the platform.


Can I cancel/change my order? 

Our processes are streamlined to receive, process, and ship your products quickly and accurately.   Because of this efficiency, Sales Orders cannot be changed once they are submitted.  Sales Orders also cannot be cancelled/stopped once the process has started.  Client Services will be able to set up a return (RMA) for you if you are unable to cancel your order.


Can I return Logical Operations Print or Digital Courseware?

Yes. All qualified products must meet the following criteria listed on the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form linked below and email to assist@logicaloperations.com


RMAs will be processed within 24 business hours if the form is completed accurately. Click here for RMA form.


When do I receive RMA credit?

RMA credit memos are generated when the books are received back to the local printer and are only approved for the books received. All returned materials are inspected, and credit may be refused for any materials that are not in an acceptable condition. For electronic products, once the product has been checked for redemption and de-activated, a credit memo will be generated.


What if I need to return a product because of a defect?

Logical Operations is proud to have one of the highest quality standards in the business. If a quality issue prevents you from using any of our products in their intended manner, contact Client Services at 1-800-456-4677 option 2. Our quality assurance group will address your immediate training requirement needs and will assist you with replacing the impacted items.


Note: Every quality claim gets logged into our quality assurance database and is assigned a QA number. This will be used to track the short-term and the long-term corrective actions used on your issue. If requested, a copy of the completed QA can be released for your review.


How do I submit a shipping claim?

Our service goal is that every order arrives undamaged and on time - every time. We support this goal with one of the best shipping claim policies in the business. Except for extreme weather or emergency situations, if we cause you to suffer a late, damaged, or incomplete delivery, we will promptly work with you to evaluate the issue and determine the appropriate support action. To submit a claim call Client Services at 1-800-456-4677 option 2 within two business days of the delivery receipt.


While the local printer prepares and packages all shipments to prevent damage, sometimes accidents happen, and damage can occur while in transit. Upon delivery make sure to inspect the package. If your shipment is visibly damaged, note all details with the driver before signing for the shipment, then contact Logical Operations Client Services. If the damage isn't noticed until after delivery, contact Logical Operations Client Services within two business days of receipt so a damage claim can be placed with the carrier. Keep all packaging and products for carrier review.


Note:  Photos of damaged products and packaging are required for all Shipping Claims.


When will I receive an Invoice?

Invoices will be submitted electronically to the Bill To Contact on the account once the product has shipped or fulfilled.  For multiple shipments, multiple invoices may be generated.  Any concern(s) with your invoice must be reported within 30 days of receipt.  Our Finance Department can be reached at the following:


US - AR@logicaloperations.com or by phone at 1-800-456-4677

Canada - ARCA@logicaloperations.com or by phone at 1-800-456-4677

APAC - ARAPJC@logicaloperations.com or by phone at 1-800-456-4677

EMEA - AREMEA@logicaloperations.com or by phone at 1-800-456-4677


Note: An Administrative charge totaling 3% of the total order (with a minimum of $5) will be applied to any invoices that are paid with a credit card after the time of transaction. All invoice discrepancies need to be addressed in writing within 30 days. All invoices after 30 days are considered final.

Note:  Logical Operations, including the eStore, accepts the following credit cards for payment:  Mastercard, VISA, AMEX and Discover Card.


What if I would like a paper invoice?

Logical Operations, as a publishing entity, is committed to controlling its environmental footprint. An Environmental charge of $5 will be assessed to cover the cost of any paper invoice. A self-fulfillment portal for electronic copies, as well as previous invoices, is available at store.logicaloperations.com Copies of the invoice for an order can be downloaded on the Corporate Order History Link on the My Account Page.


Contract Trainers

Are your trainers all booked and teaching other classes?  Do they lack the specific certifications required to teach authorized partners’ program materials? Do you need a trainer with specific skills? Please contact our Client Services Team at assist@logicaloperations.com with the class name, date, and location (or indicate virtual delivery), for any instructor requests. 


Gear Rental

Having the right gear on hand is key to the success of most IT classes. Logical Operations can support you by connecting you with a list of trusted gear rental vendors for your equipment needs. Please contact your Logical Operations account representative for more information. 


Product Definitions

Q: What is the definition of final courseware?

A: Final courseware carries a revision number of 1.0 or higher. Final courseware has been through Logical Operations’ full development, production, and proofing process. This includes a test class to check instructional validity, as well as several editorial and quality phases.


Q: What does it mean if the revision number is greater than 1.0?

A: There has been some change to the courseware since the initial publication. Check the Revision Notes field on the product’s Revision Information tab for a brief description of recent revisions. Check the Content Revisions (Content Revisions | Logical Operations) page for more detail on a specific revision.  Revision levels include: 

  • Slipfix (very minor change or changes; unannounced and slipstreamed into production; no increment to edition number; no revisions document or revision notes)
  • .0# revision (small changes that don’t affect page breaks or activity steps)
  • .# revision (changes of any scope that do affect page breaks and/or activity steps)
  • #.0 revision (changes with significant impact on the course as a whole, up to and including full course redesign) 


Q: What is the definition of First Look courseware?

A: First Look courseware carries a .95 revision number. Generally, this means that test class has been completed, but the full production and proofing process has not. Though the material is teachable, it may not have been edited or key checked, and will have a variety of content discrepancies from the final version. Some of the digital CHOICE components, such as assessments, may not be present. If you purchase and deploy CHOICE keys to First Look content, rest assured that the digital assets on the CHOICE course page (including the eBooks) will automatically be updated when final is released (as they are for any content revision for an existing CHOICE product).


Q: What does “Coming Soon” mean?

A: The course is actively in development but is not ready to be released as First Look. A draft outline will be included when it is available.


Q: What is a prerelease evaluation?

A: Prerelease evaluation-only materials may be provided in electronic PDF format for certain courses where content is present in a draft state but has not been tested and approved for First Look or Final release. The pre-release is intended for early customer review and preliminary trainer preparation only. It is not intended for use in a training event. PowerPoint slide decks and data files are not provided.

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